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The decisions we make through life’s journey have a huge impact on how happy and successful we are in both our personal and professional lives. Research tells us that emotion plays a large part in influencing these decisions. We are easily influenced by behavioural biases that can have a positive or negative effect on our actions. When it comes to finance we are easily influenced by the news, hearsay and market crashes. This can lead to emotionally laden judgements such as panic selling, overconfidence and discounting long-term security for short-term gains.

At Attain we study our client’s financial planning journey carefully and listened to their concerns, hopes and needs. We do this because we realise everyone is different and require a bespoke service that is tailored to support their journey through life, because wealth management is more than just financial planning, it involves every part of their life journey, to ensure they have the best possible chance to not only reach their aspirations but also manage their emotions when the ‘going gets tough’.

We have devised ‘behavioural based financial planning’ a service that ensures we get to know you and your decision making process intimately so we can ensure that you stay on track during life’s journey.

Attain was setup in 2011 by its founders, Gordon Crothers and Robert Price, since then we have grown rapidly and now have a well-established team, who have in excess of 70 years combined experience in advising private, corporate, trust, sports and media clients, you can be confident in our expertise and knowledge to help you achieve financial stability and success.

Resource Centre

Our Resource Centre has been designed to provide our clients with access to our personal finance magazines and financial guides which are packed full of informative and relevant financial news.

Retirement Planning

The main objective of any retirement plan should be to provide you and your family with sufficient income at your desired retirement age.


We understand and appreciate that a house purchase is one of the biggest investments you may ever make and therefore we place a lot of importance on achieving the best outcome to meet your needs.

Financial Calculators

View our 12 interactive financial calculators which can help you with your financial planning requirements