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Robert Price is the most consultative, knowledgeable pensions expert I have dealt with in 20 years and built a good tailored solution for me.
Graham, Ely, Cambridgeshire

I need honest, safe, balanced advice, from someone wise, not smart. Gordon Crothers is that man for me. He listens, he's worth listening to, and he does what you decide, promptly and accurately.
Tony, SW1

Robert has provided sound advice and his council is based on our current and future financial needs; he has put into place such measures to protect our 'long term investments' and such protection has proven its worth in recent years / financial times! Robert is a true professional, he has a welcoming 'Plain English' way of explaining what the many complex processes, practices and procedures that one needs to navigate in the investment industry. Robert is steadfast to his commitments, he is the protector of our 'Dreams' and has enabled us to sleep well as we know we are in safe hands; we continue to value his advice and friendship!
Stephen, Bedford

Gordon has been my financial advisor for almost 10 years and has always given me sound advice on my money matters. He talks plain English which makes everything crystal clear so I know exactly what to expect from any financial decision I make with him. I have recommended Gordon to many friends and colleagues over the years who have also benefitted hugely from his expertise.
Craig, London

"Robert Price has been my Financial Adviser for more than 13 years. In that time he has offered excellent advice on how best to proceed in these difficult times especially with the financial markets being so volatile. He has at all times carefully monitored my portfolio and during his frequent visits has taken a great deal of trouble to explain the changes he has recommended and the reasons for them. I could not have wished for better service over the many years we have known each other and will continue to benefit, I am sure, by our continued association in the future.
Bob, Lincoln

What I love about Gordon at Attain is his personal approach. I don't feel I'm one of many, I know he is really looking out for me at all times. I totally trust him and his judgement which is fantastically refreshing. He has never let me down.
Amanda, London

Robert has been my financial adviser for many years. I have always appreciated his advice and the way he has looked after my investments for me. I can highly recommend him to anyone looking for an adviser.
Arthur, Essex

We have been working with Gordon for more than 10 years. He takes time to really understand and respond to our issues and provides financial solutions that make sense to us. With his new company 'Attain' he has retained and developed this personal touch.
Martin & Kate, Kent

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