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Investment and Wealth Management

Wealth Management covers a broad area of planning and would encompass for example, savings for a specific goal such as school fees, university fees, deposit for a new home, retirement income, or simply medium to long term investments for your future.

Investment Planning is about achieving realistic levels of expected returns based on the level of risk a client is willing to accept. Too many people wrongly believe that investments are only about achieving high returns, without considering the risks involved and are often disappointed by the final outcome. We believe that risk and reward are intrinsically linked and that investment markets act in an efficient manner, but it is important to be realistic about the potential returns that a specific portfolio can provide and over what time period.

This is why we believe Asset Allocation is one of the most important factors in producing the best level of returns for our clients. By using the full spectrum of assets available throughout the world it is possible to reduce the risks without dramatically reducing the expected returns. We do not try and predict which fund managers are going to be the best performers over the coming year or try and time the market, we will however design a portfolio that is spread across all markets and which meets your specified investment time frame, your agreed attitude to risk and your future goals. We will review these portfolios, adjusting the asset allocation where necessary and rebalancing your investment every year to smooth out the long term returns. The following are the key investment plans which may be relevant to your circumstances and which we can provide expert advice on:

Term deposits and cash savings
National Savings and Investments
Individual Saving Accounts (ISAs)
Retirement Savings Plans
Collective Investment Schemes (OEICs and Unit Trusts)
Investment Trusts
Onshore Investment Bonds
Offshore Investment Bonds
Hedge Funds
Structured Investment Plans
Alternative Investments

Retirement Planning

Protection Planning

Mortgage Planning

Tax Planning