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Protection Planning

Protection often seems to be the least important matter to our clients when discussing their financial plans, 'it will never happen to me' is a common phrase. However we believe suitably structured protection polices are a fundamental part of the financial planning process.

'How can you save for your future if you are unable to work'?

There is a broad spectrum of options under Protection planning and at least one of these will apply to all clients no matter what their specific circumstances. It is possible to protect against the impacts of premature death or illness. Illness protection can include protecting your income or providing a lump sum if you are diagnosed with a critical illness.

In some instances your current employer may already provide benefits which protect your salary and possibly provide a lump sum following your death, however not all employers offer such benefits or where they do these benefits may not match your needs. This is why we would review these plans with you to tailor a suitable level of cover to meet your specific needs. The following are the key plans available for personal protection which may be relevant to your circumstances and which we can provide expert advice on:

Income Protection or Permanent Health Insurance
Life Assurance
Mortgage Payment Protection
Inheritance Tax Protection
Critical Illness
Private Medical Insurance

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