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Tax Planning

One of the most important roles in the financial process is to try and ensure that any advice provided is tailored to our client's personal tax position, now and in the future. No one likes to pay tax but it is impossible to avoid it entirely. However there are a number of legitimate and simple tax planning options open to all UK residents. Where possible we will always look to use tax efficient plans, but only where it is in your best interest and not just because of the tax benefits. Tax mitigation, as defined by UK law, is the acceptable method of arranging your financial affairs to reduce your tax obligation and liability.

Tax planning often requires the involvement of other professionals so we would want to work closely with your existing solicitors and accountants to ensure your tax affairs are tailored to fit your existing planning. This will often involve Inheritance Tax Planning to ensure your assets are passed on to your chosen beneficiaries with the least amount of tax deducted. The following are the most common areas of tax planning considered which may be relevant to your circumstances and which we can provide expert advice on:

Fully utilising personal allowances
Splitting assets between spouses
Inheritance tax planning
Correct use of business assets
Will writing

The following are some of the specific tax efficient schemes which we can use when designing your financial plans and are qualified to provide expert advice on:

Individual Savings Account (ISAs)
Venture Capital Trusts (VCTs)
Enterprise Investment Schemes (EIS)
Discounted Gift Trusts
Offshore and onshore bonds

Retirement Planning

Investment & Wealth Management

Protection Planning

Mortgage Planning